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"Bahia Chant is a gorgeous and beautiful CD!  What a range of different colorings and voices of the instruments."
Dr. Herb Wong - Jazz Educator and Producer

"Fresh and Pure, Bahia Chant has original music with an instinctive 
offering from Brazil and a jazz sensibility
that carries the lyrical music."

Mal Sharpe - KCSM radio

The "Bahia Chant" project was a constant creative collaboration of all the talented musicians bringing their unique gifts to the table.  The composition, "Bahia Chant", was inspired and conceived during my travels to Brazil and hearing the Afro-Brazilian rhythms of  the berimbau in the historic Pelourhino section of Salvador, the old capital of Brazil.  All the compositions are original and influenced by the grand universe of Brazilian music which provides an incredibly fertile ground for composing with a strong melodic and rhythmic sensibility.

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Original compositions and Jazz tunes with "Larry Stefl Trio"

with David Casini on vibes and Mandy Flowers on bass

Listen to some quicktime samples..

"Song for the Empress" was inspired by a woman ,earth mother, who embodied the magical fertility charms of the Empress. Need I say more...

Song 2 "Blues for the Muse"
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"Blues for the Muse" came to me after a lesson with the great bebop guitarist Bruce Foreman. The piece is a variation with the blues working with chromaticism and altered colorations in the ever popular key of D flat.

Special Audio Feature!
Live at Albatross Pub December 2001 Larry Stefl Quartet with Michael Golds on vibes, Neil Heidler on bass and Achyutan on drums
Guitar solo on standard "Alone Together"
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