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I play primarily three guitars which are a Heritage 575 with almond finish, a Heritage Eagle with a deep red finish and a nylon string Montalvo "Negra-Plus" Flamenco guitar. The 575 is great for gigs where I need high amplified volume without feed back. The Eagle is great for that big woody sound amplified or acoustic. I use the Montalvo guitar primarily for Brazilian bossa nova.

In the last few years I have gotten very interested in exploring Brazilian music. I have been studying guitar with Jack Gates and learning the open chord voicings and rhythms of bossa nova and samba. A great source for repertoire is the Songbook Series "Tom Jobim" and "Bossa Nova" by Almir Chediak published in Brazil. The "Tom Jobim" book has fingerings by Jobim.
Currently I am learning to sing Portuguese with the talented Brazilian vocalist Claudia Villela who teaches at Jazz Camp West and is based in the San Francisco Bay area. It is so gratifying to learn the nuance and feeling of this rich music. I have also been fortunate to study at Jazz Camp West with Brazilian pianist Jovino Santos Neto. He is a master of the music and shares his wide knowledge with an inspiring enthusiasm.
My composing in recent years has leaned toward the Brazilian influence. The pieces are bossa nova and samba forms that utilize the open chord voicings and rhythms. My favorite Brazilian CD is Amoroso/Brasil with Joao Gilberto.

I produced a series of annual concerts from 1997-99 featuring primarily original compositions with The Larry Stefl Group at the "Speak Easy Theater" in Berkeley. The pieces I wrote explored African and World Beat sounds utilizing the shakuhachi, digeredoo, native flutes as well as percussion, drums, bass, vibes, tenor saxophone, pocket trumpet and guitar. The group also performed the late Sun Ra’s "Lights on a Satellite" with dancers and also some poetry I wrote with free improvisation accompaniment.

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